Notes on USB interface

Since Windows 8, it has been difficult to install unsigned drivers like the Thermitrack USB-RS422 driver.
The original reason that the  USB-RS422 driver uses its own driver, and not the default FTDI driver was so it could set up the interface parameters to optimise transfers, however the signing enforcement has made this more of a problem than a benefit.

For New USB-RS422 interfaces

New USB-RS422 drivers will now ship with the FTDI default VID/PID, so the standard FTDI drivers in Windows should work, and if not, the "search  for device driver" options should work.

 To optimise performance, after the device driver has installed, open Device Manager, Click on "Ports (COM & LPT)", and double-click on "USB Serial port (COMx).

Select Port Settings -> Advanced.

Set the "Latency Timer" setting to 2 and click OK

At the same time you  might want to reassign the COM port number if it has been assigned an inconvenient  high number

For existing users

To use existing USB-RS422 interfaces under Windows 8 and later, it is recommended that you reprogram the interface's USB VID/PID.

This can be done using FTDI's FT_PROG utility

Use this template file to reprogram the interface : ttrack_new.xml

After reprogramming, unplug/replug and check teh status in device manager - you may need to do "reinstall driver" if it doesn't appear in the  list of COM ports


The original Thermitrack USB drivers, for use only with Windows 7 and below are here :