Reprogramming the USB VID in the FT232RL chip in the Thermitrack USB RS422 interface

Requires a Windows PC.

Install the Thermitrack USB interface as normal on the PC, using the PC drivers on the resources page.

Download this template file (thermi422_0403.ept)

Download and run the MPROG utility from FTDI.
In Mprog, Click on the magnifying glass icon and check that it shows number of programmed devices = 1. If it shows more, unplug any other USB devices that may contain FTDI chips. if less, something has not installed properly.
Open the template file, and click on the 'program existing devices' button.

The interface will now be recognised as a standard FT232 device under Linux.

If you need to revert the device to its original state : 

Download the standard FTDI drivers

Important - use these & not anything Windows may have already installed - do not select ' install drivers automatically - force it to look at the place you downloaded the above drivers to. If necessary use ftclean to remove previous drivers.)
Plug the interface in and point it at the new drivers above
Use MPROG to reprogram with this template file