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Quick-Start guide quickstart.html
Installation guide.
Wiring, mounting & other hardware related information
(2 Feb 2009)
Installation Guide.pdf
Software /programming guide
Programming, interfacing etc
For firmware V2.15 (25 Feb 2009)
Programming Guide.pdf
Reccommended mounting height graph for each model mounting_heights.gif


Utilities File
Thermitrackdemo - PC demonstration & utility software.

This allows the functions of the Thermitrack camera to be expliored & demonstrated. Run the software & select the COM port that the camera is connected to.

It can also be used without a camera to play back the samples below to illustrate the data available : simply run the softwarel click 'play' and select one of the .log files to play back. is a full install package, unzip and run setup.exe.

thermitrackdemo.exe is the executable only, which will run if you have previously installed from the full setup, or already have the necessary Visual Basic support DLLs present. If you get a 'DLL not found' type error, run the full install.

VB6 source code is available in the examples section below.


Samples of  recorded data
For use with demo software playback mode
These are files containing the camera's output stream, containing image, one-target, multi-target and status data.

These can be played back using the PC demo software above to illustrate typical camera output.

People walking around :
demo_1.log 1MB. camera height approx 3m
demo_2.log 870K camera height approx 3m
demo_3.log 1.8MB camera height approx 3m

Random hand-waving over camera on desk :
demo_4.log 52K Tracking + Image data
demo_5.log 7K Tracking data only

PC  drivers for USB interface See this page for info on USB drivers  
Mac OS X drivers for USB interface See this page for info on USB drivers - new USB interfaces ship with the FTDI default VID/PID

A pre-configured Mac driver is not yet available due to lack of a Mac to test on, however the following procedure should work :
According to FTDI, once the driver has been installed/configured, Apple's PackageMaker utility can be used to make a .dmg file for redistribuiton.

Any hints/comments from MAC experts on the above welcome!

Download the drivers from here
Install as per this guide (VCP driver)
Add support for the custom device ID as shown in This technical note, using the following settings - number in brackets is section of document.
(3.1) VID (idVendor) is unchanged (0x403 decimal 1027)
(3.1) PID (idProduct) is 0xD8B6 = 55478 decimal
(3.4) Latency timer value set to 2
(3.6) Port name Thermitrack_USB_RS422_Interface

(3.2) You may also like to set up some aliased baudrates to match the PC driver settings, i.e. B300 230400 B600 250000 B1200 46088 B2400 500000

Linux drivers for USB interface See this page for info on USB drivers - new USB interfaces ship with the FTDI default VID/PID

Support for the FT232RL chip is included in Kernel 2.4.20 onwards, but it may not recognise it as the Thermitrack USB RS422 interface does not use the standard USB PID value.
A possible solution to this is to reprogram the chip in the Thermitrack interface to look like standard FT232 chip. Instructions to do this are here
Any comments/hints from Linux experts welcome!
Linux drivers here

You need to add a PID of D8B6 to the product table in the drivers (VID is unchanged at 0x0403).  And if possible figure out how to set the latency timer to 2


Examples and drivers for specific platforms
Visual Basic
Visual Basic 6 source code for the PC demo software (32K) V1.01 3 Mar 09
Simple image-only Copy of simple_image_demo.v4p
Image, tracking and adjustment Copy of thermitrack_demo.v4p
Simple one-target tracking Copy of simple_trackdemo.v4p
openFrameworks Thermitrack library from Chris O'Shea Here
Your favorite package not listed above... All contributions gratefully received..!