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Thermal imaging camera for realtime people-tracking.

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Click for animated demo of Thermitrack output

Thermitrack is a unique tracking device which provides realtime high-resolution position data from people moving within its field of view.
Through use of thermal imaging technology (sensing body heat), it is completely unaffected by any fixed or changing light sources, needs no illumination, and works equally well in conditions from darkness to daylight, making it the perfect sensing device for interactive lighting systems and any other application where reliable detection of the movement of people is required.

Thermitrack is a standalone device, requiring no external computer  for processing. Data is output as easy-to-use numeric co-ordinates and/or thermal image data in various user-selectable formats via RS422, RS232 or USB interfaces for simple interfacing to PC or Mac computers, microcontrollers (e.g. Arduino) or other control systems. Multiple themitrack cameras can be interconnected to cover extended areas via a single USB or serial connection.

The standard product has a wide 60 degree field of view, covering an area approximately equal to its mounting height. i.e. when mounted at a height of 3 metres, it covers an area of around 3x3 metres on the floor. Versions with 40 and 20 degree lenses are also available for greater mounting heights.

The compact 110mm diameter housing is styled like a smoke detector, allowing it to blend in discreetly with other typical indoor ceiling-mounted hardware. An outdoor version, housed in a rugged  diecast aluminium enclosure sealed to IP65 is also available. 

Applications include interactive lighting, art and architectural installations, customer-responsive point of sale displays, events, museum displays, entertainment and much more.  

The  video above shows the thermal image, with the tracking data as output by the camera to the right. 'One-Target' data picks a single target (shown in green on the image), 'Multi-Target' mode provides co-ordinates of all targets in view. Note that the video is slightly jerky due to the compression used - the actual data is much smoother. You can see what real data looks like using the demo software and sample files on the resources page.

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Thermitrack is a product of White WIng Logic